Services We Provide

Sugar Plum Speech provides speech-language therapy as well as occupational therapy.  Our therapists design treatments to help children, but also desire to empower families and help everyone communicate and function successfully. We believe that a diagnosis does not define your child, it is only one part of many that makes your child who they are. We aim to work with the family, school system, and other therapists to provide a therapy plan that compliments what is already happening in that child’s life. We may not know every answer to every problem, but we will work hard to figure out what works best for your child.


Families are welcome to make an appointment with one of our  Speech-Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists to learn more about our services and discuss your child’s current needs. Consultations are free to new families and usually last 30 minutes.


Clients are evaluated using standardized tests, observations, and parent interviews. We try to incorporate any goals related to the IFSP or IEP that is currently in place. Evaluations typically last 30 minutes to an hour, but may need more than one session, depending on the needs of the child.


Our clients are usually seen weekly for 30 minute sessions. Sessions may be longer if insurance allows. Treatment sessions look different for each client; some may be child-led involving play on the floor while others spend their time focused on their goals while playing a game or sitting at a table.


We have recently added a Preschool Plums group to our services.  This group is designed to help children and families learn how to play and communicate with each other.  Through the use of routines, movement, crafts, and music, foundational language skills are targeted.  The therapist will focus on providing treatment to the children as well as empowering the parents with strategies for engaging their child and building on common experiences to build language skills.


Sugar Plum Speech accepts several major insurance plans as well as private payment for treatment sessions. Billing invoices are also offered for those families who would like to get reimbursement from the insurance company on their own.